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The Art of Inner Suppression in Relation to Experiences of Trauma

Learn about the Cycle of Suppression

The availability of caring nurturing support with unconditional empathy will reduce the effects of this traumatic experience or experiences over time and eventually enable the emotional process to be re-wired, surfacing from the unconscious into the sub-conscious as it becomes tolerable, once again becoming available for use in our decision making processes and awareness.

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Secrets that will Benefit Your Life Exponentially

Get your relationship cooking with love

Side effects: You may experience side effect with this potion that could possibly include relaxation, excitement, enthusiasm, giggling, having fun, seeing others smile at you for no apparent reason, feelings of youthfulness and radiant energy! If this occurs, reach out and share it! Leave a comment at the bottom of this page and let others know!
Caution: Do not take all at once as an overdose may cause unconditional joy, love and happiness that could even be out of your conscious control!

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20 More Reasons Why People Come to Counselling


Your friends, family, workmates, and acquaintances can give you a listening ear and a steady flow of information and advice, but your counsellor will work to know you on a way deeper level. Our goal is to help you come to know your true self and achieve your highest potential. Only your counsellor can truly share wisdom with you on an ongoing basis without bias or judgement. Just think what it would be like to have these advantages all flowing in your life:

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10 Steps to Rescue Your Relationship from Break-Up

Couple Love relationship counselling break up

Every relationship has its breaking point, and that point will vary greatly between different couples. If you are concerned that your relationship is on the verge of break-up, this article is for you. Let’s face it, we usually have a hard time when it comes to making compromises and as a society we tend to value our privacy, sometimes more than we do our partners. So this may be the right time for you to do a reality check:

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Emotional Self Care – You Have the Choice

Country girl inner voice love small

Physical abuse and verbal abuse can be inflicted on you by others, and also by your self. People can make the choice to yell, swear, slam doors, and break things, hit, punch, drive like a maniac, and a million other ways of expressing frustration and anger. Likewise one can make the choice to self harm and take extreme risk in multiple forms of self abuse such as cutting, drinking, smoking, taking drugs and unsafe sex. Emotional abuse, in my experience however, is self inflicted:

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21 Reasons People Come to Relationship Counselling to Save their Marriage

Counselling Questions and Answers

What’s in it for me? This question sits at the front of everyone’s mind when they are considering counselling for themselves or their relationship. Every little change in your relationship can add up to huge positive change over a short space of time. It takes real insight to recognize and bring change to all the little intricate aspects that go into building the journey we call “relationship.” Focusing on these aspects and molding …

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