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Counsellor Ron Cruickshank
OMC Dip. Prof. Couns. Maj (3) MPOL MCTI MACA
talks about the basic cause of discomfort and mental/emotional unwellness, and how to fix it!
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“Transform Your Dreams to Reality!”

You have been longing for something all your life… but have not been able to quite put your finger on it….

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Something is missing…. there is an emptiness…. you know there is something more…

You have longed for that deeper level of connection within yourself and with others, yet when you begin to shift, you fear how your friends will react. Within your relationship, are you like passing ships in night due to your hectic life, busy work schedules, managing the children, and let’s face it.. you feel trapped and you’re looking for a way out? Are you tense and walking on egg shells most of the time? 

Building successful relationships is all about building relationships with yourself!

Somewhere along the way you just lost that spark… the loving connection just dwindled or went out completely. You are missing the joy and happiness you used to share and now you are yearning for a more deep and meaningful life.

And that is what Ron is all About! In-to-me-see!

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Here is the Secret:

There is an unconscious cycle functioning within us that has been handed down for generations, or you have locked it in place as a response to great fear and trauma! Our language and our society continues to support this way of unconscious thinking and it is actually killing us, slowly and surely!

When something happens that is not in alignment with our way of being, our beliefs or our values, we feel uncomfortable. The secret reason why we feel uncomfortable is because on an unconscious level:

We have disconnected ourselves from our true emotional energy,
our Source – our Love!

That’s right! This is our own personal choice! This choice to disconnect happens ten times faster than we can think, because it is conditioned, reflex habit, so we do not realise we have made the choice to disconnect ourselves until it is too late, the damage is done.

Once we have disconnected our loving energy, and feel uncomfortable as a result, we look around for a reason that we are feeling this way. We will then focus on the external event as the cause of our discomfort rather than realising we have created the discomfort ourselves! The language we then apply with this misperception of this situation is, “He makes me feel…” or “She makes me feel….” or “That made me feel…..”

Does this way of seeing the world around you sound familiar? 

This process happens so fast that we truly believe it as fact that it is beyond our control and the fault of everyone and everything around us! 

In seeing the world from this unconscious frame of reference, that we have believed for generations, and built an entire language of fear around it that supports it, we are actually giving away our own emotional power! We are convinced that everyone else and everything else has the amazing power to control and manage our personal emotion!

No wonder we feel abused… this is self abuse!

What would life be like if I could choose my emotional connection to love?

What if you could actually take the control of your emotional power back? What would happen in your life? What would be different? If you are able to be in charge of how you feel:

 You would choose calmness over re-activity and manage your life and the situations in your life from an easier, more connected, space.

 You would choose love over fear every time! Every time!

Like attracts like! You would be surrounded by amazing friends in connected loving relationships!

 Your life would definitely be more joyful and filled with happiness with more access to your inner joy and peace!

 Your life would be amazingly abundant and your relationships would be filled with love – your love!

 Your self-confidence and constructive assertiveness would be increased!

Your relationships would be stronger and more connected!

 You would experience feelings of increased trust and security!

 You would have a sense of freedom as you regain control over your emotion by restoring your inner love connection,

 You will find more clarity in your vision leading to enhanced productivity and greater achievement! 

Ron Want’s to Share the Secrets that Will Benefit Your Life Exponentially!

You can start now! Here is one of Ron’s fabulous secret recipes for love and happiness:

Recipie Relationship Love Lady Chef cooking


Take a very large mixing bowl.

 Add elements of all the loving, joyful, events that you have ever experienced.

 Radiate the bowl with essence love and light as you stir all ingredients together.

 Simmer gently until warm and glowing.

 Strain off the chunky bits and pour essence into an eye-dropper bottle.

Take two or three drops under your tongue three times per day, or whenever you feel challenged.

Side effects: You may experience side effect with this potion that could possibly include relaxation, excitement, enthusiasm, giggling, having fun, seeing others smile at you for no apparent reason, feelings of youthfulness and radiant energy! If this occurs, reach out ans share it! Leave a comment at the bottom of this page and let others know!

Caution: Do not take all at once as an overdose may cause unconditional joy, love and happiness that could be out of your conscious control!

Ron Values You, Your Relationship, and Your Relationship With Your Source!

Seriously now, Ron knows what it is like to be caught up in emotional pain and struggling to try and sort out your life and your relationships. Old habits are hard to stop, especially when they occur ten times faster than you can think! The good news is that you can create new habits, and once they have been implemented, practiced and repeated, they will eventually become automatic. Just imagine connecting to your peace, love and happiness every time anything happens either inside or outside of you… how amazing would your life be? 

Rev. Ron Cruickshank OMC has developed a unique method and a soulful way of looking at mental, emotional and physical healing that has assisted thousands of individuals and couples around the world to transform their lives and their relationships.

What you focus on will increase!

It is OK to explore and validate the problems and challenges that you experienced in your life, but this is an uncomfortable place to sit, and you want to move on.  If you want the problems to increase, then focus on them and they will! This is not what Ron will help you to do. 

While acknowledging your struggle, we will focus strongly on the solutions that you already hold within yourself, solutions that come from your Source, bringing those solutions into your field of focus with a clarity that you have never experienced before!

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