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Reverend Ron Cruickshank
OMC Dip. Prof. Couns. Maj (3) MPOL MCTI MACA
provides insight into the basic core cause of discomfort and mental, emotional, spiritual unwellness. He shares some new concepts on how to experience your world and bring positive influence over your life!
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“Transform Your Dreams to Reality!”


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You have been longing for something special in your life… but have not been able to quite put your finger on it…. sometimes you feel close… then it slips away again…

Something is missing…. there is an emptiness…. but you know deep down that there is something more…

You are longing for that deeper level of connection within yourself and with others, yet when you begin to shift, you fear how your friends will react. Relationships may be like passing ships in night and you blame your hectic life, busy work schedules, managing the children, and let’s face it.. you feel trapped and you’re looking for something really special. Perhaps you feeling tense and walking on egg shells most of the time or you may be struggling with grief? It might be that the majority of your thoughts are based on fear…

Spiritual counselling with Rev. Ron Cruickshank OMC will definitely help you open up to a new and exciting reality!

Somewhere along the way you just lost that spark… the loving connection just dwindled or went out completely. You are missing the joy and happiness you used to share and now you are yearning for a more deep and meaningful life.

A loving and meaningful life is what Rev. Ron wants for you!
More “In-to-me-see”… more joy… more happiness… more love!

healing-inner-child-free seminarRev. Ron offers spiritual counseling, and psychotherapy. He is not about trying to “fix” you. Rather, through questions, gentle exploration and working together with you, you will be helped to clarify issues, determine your goals surrounding them, then find ways to connect to your spiritual centre of love. You will discover the next steps that will support your personal spiritual growth. As much as possible, counselling seeks to help you discover your own solutions, but Rev. Ron will also make any suggestions that seem appropriate and beneficial.

You can meet with Rev. Ron

Home-visit-counselling-consultation-service-Hobart-Tasmania In person counselling and seminars at his clinic in Howrah/Bellerive, near Hobart, Tasmania,
Here is a Map to the Howrah/Bellerive Clinic.

In-person counselling by Home Visit for Hobart and surrounding suburbs,

International counselling and seminars using Skype Video,
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Over the phone counselling and seminars in Australia, or by international free teleconference phone calling. Find your country’s teleconference number to call here.

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